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Try These 2 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for a Health and Performance Boost

Pumpkin is everywhere, from savory soups to hot chocolate, so you're bound to come across this gourd in same way this holiday season. Are people just...

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Halftime Snacks for Quick Refueling

Halftime Snacks As teams walk off the field and into the locker room, they have just 15 minutes to recover and refuel for the second half. The question...

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A Buffalo Meat Protein Bar? STACK Reviews the Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar

There's isn't a ton of variety out there when it comes to protein bars. Most are chocolaty, chalky bricks that are more of a pain to eat than a pl...

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Weight Loss and the Mediterranean Style Diet

Research is increasingly showing that a diet rich in nuts, fish, fruits, and vegetables may not only have a beneficial effect on the heart, but also on...

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Hungry? Try the DIY Protein Bar

It can be a constant battle to replace the tremendous number of calories you burn in workouts and games. You need a lot of protein, carbohydrates ...

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