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12 CrossFit Myths Busted

CrossFit: love it or hate it, there's no denying that when someone voices their opinion of it, that opinion is usually strong. I can't tell you how many...

By: Jennifer Britton

How Cameron Naasz Trains for Red Bull Crashed Ice, the Fastest (and Most Dangerous) Winter Sport Around

Hockey has been called the "fastest game on ice." But it might have to relinquish that title to Red Bull Crashed Ice. Red Bull Crashed Ice is best de...

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3 Strength Coaches Predict the Biggest Training Trends for 2017

Fitness trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Everyone heaps praise on a new exercise or style of training one year, then it suddenly disappears ...

By: Andy Haley

3 CrossFit Endurance WODs to Improve Your Conditioning

When most people think of CrossFit, they usually view it as a strength training program. But when you look at a typical CrossFit WOD -- from the...

By: Jennifer Britton

How to Master the Muscle-Up

The bar muscle up is one of the most sought after moves in the fitness world. From commercial gyms, cross fit boxs, and even parks you can see people...

By: Jimmy Schroader