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What It's Like to Compete in the CrossFit Open

Like most sports, CrossFit has its own championship competition – The CrossFit Games. In this event, the "fittest athletes on earth" are put to the...

Life After CrossFit: Julie Foucher Discusses Her Recovery From a Career-Ending Injury

Julie Foucher walks across the gym floor ... on her hands. This might seem impressive, but to Foucher, who placed second in the 2012 CrossFit games,...

CrossFit Champ Lifts More Weight in 5 Minutes Than Most People Do All Week

CrossFit star Camille Leblac-Bazinet recently performed the "Amanda workout," and absolutely killed it. The Amanda Workout consists of 3 supers...

Queen of CrossFit: Julie Foucher

CrossFit is one of the most controversial sports out there. You either live by it or you think it's a creepy muscular cult. But either way, you ca...

Carl Paoli Outlines 4 Crucial Bodyweight Movements for Athletes of All Sports

Whether you are training for CrossFit or to compete at the elite level of another sport, former elite gymnast and renowned movement coach Carl Pao...

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How High-Intensity Training Made This CrossFit Coach a Better Athlete

Mitch Lowry, CrossFit Coach at CTown CrossFit in Cleveland, Ohio, explains how his love for athletics transformed into a healthy lifestyle and career in coaching CrossFit.

Quick and Easy High-Intensity Burpee Workout

Whether you're on the go, traveling or just stuck with a busy day, there's always time to get in a fast workout. CrossFit coach Scott Supler demonstrates how to perform a quick, high-intensity workout he calls the 100-Burpee Challenge.

Track Your Training Progress With This High-Intensity Benchmark Workout

CrossFit Coach Scott Supler demonstrates a timed three-exercise workout you can do to check your fitness level. This benchmark workout can be done once every two months to measure your improvement.

How to Warm Up for a High-Intensity Workout

At CrossFit Distinction in Ohio, coach Scott Supler demonstrates how to warm up for a high-intensity activity. Supler explains how and why to get your joints and body loose and ready before starting a workout.

Get Loose to Run Fast With This Ultimate Pre-Run Warm-Up

CrossFit Sixth City owner and runner Adam Daugherty shows you the ultimate warm-up routine to make sure you are ready for your run.