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Build Bigger Triceps With This Dumbbell Tricep Extension Variation

There are quite a few exercises available for targeting the triceps muscle, but the dumbbell tricep extension is noted as being one of the best. Many...

By: Brian Pankau

Bench Press Breakdown: The Flat, Incline and Decline

What's the biggest fear of average gym-goers? Embarrassing themselves. Everyone likes to come off as an all-knowing weight room warrior, and no on...

By: Brandon Hall

WATCH: Usain Bolt's 2-in-1 Decline Sit-Up with Bench Press

Among other things, the "World's Fastest Man" is gearing up to race in New York City in June. It will be the first time he races there since he se...

By: Maddy Lucier

Why One Bench Press Is Not Enough

The Bench Press has a mystique all its own. It's the one lift everybody always wants to improve. It's the one lift people constantly ask each othe...

By: Brandon Hall

6 Underrated (But Essential) Core Exercises

As an advocate of core training I can say that the most effective core exercises are the ones that are often overlooked. Perhaps they aren't "flashy"...

By: Justin Groce