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Heather Mitts Reveals Her Nutrition Secrets

Learn all about Heather Mitts' 48-hour rule and why she carb-loads before a game, as the U.S. Women's National Team superstar dishes on her nutritional habits.

Heather Mitts: "Attitude is Everything"

D1-Cincinnati co-owner and U.S. Women's National Team defender Heather Mitts talks about the D1 experience and why her values are a perfect match with the mission of the training facility.

Heather Mitts Trains Reactionary Change of Direction

With a focus on improving reaction and anticipation skills, U.S. Women's National Team defender Heather Mitts performs a series of Reactionary Change of Direction drills at the D1-Cincinnati training facility, with coaching by Nick Connor.

Agility and Anticipation Drill With Heather Mitts

To simulate soccer-specific movements, U.S. Women's National Team defender Heather Mitts performs a Y-Drill With Anticipation with coaching by Nick Connor at the D1-Cincinnati training facility.

Heather Mitts Dumbbell Row With Hold

U.S. Women's National Team defender Heather Mitts performs a Dumbbell Row With Hold at the D1-Cincinnati training facility with coaching by Nick Connor.