Even athletes need to watch what they eat from time to time, but they need to make sure that if they're adjusting their nutrition that they don't go too far. Let STACK's treasure trove of diet content help you decide on your new meal plan to help you build strength, burn fat or just improve your conditioning.

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Forget Calories. The Weight of Your Food is What Really Matters

When it comes to food, calories are king. People often think about the caloric values of food before anything else. That's not necessarily a bad th...

By: Brandon Hall

How I Maintain Muscle on a (Mostly) Plant-Based Diet

You mostly eat plants and you're building muscle? How do you get your protein? If you've been interested in trying a plant based diet, and you want to...

By: Ryan Bailey

Always Hungry? These 6 Healthy Snacks Are Guaranteed to Fill You Up

There's being hungry, and there's being hungry. The latter refers to that insatiable, unquenchable, indestructible hunger that leads you to dow...

By: Brandon Hall

4 Easy Protein Hacks to Help You Build Muscle and Get Stronger

With so much going on in the day, it's tough to sit and eat a balanced meal. Athletes know that proteina is vital to build muscle and improve strength...

By: Roger Lockridge

Ryan Lochte's 8,000-Calorie Diet Includes Pizza, Wings and Soda Every Friday Night

When it comes to athletes' diets, swimmers seem to have the most extreme meal plans. Michael Phelps is known to have one of the craziest diets, eati...

By: Rob Scott

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