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How to Master the Muscle-Up

The bar muscle up is one of the most sought after moves in the fitness world. From commercial gyms, cross fit boxs, and even parks you can see people...

By: Jimmy Schroader

5 Keys to Lacrosse Speed Training

Of all of the major sports in this country, none move at the quickness and in as many directions as Lacrosse. While basketball is similar, the movements...

By: Bill Rom

Montreal Canadiens Star Powers His Shot With Bizarre Tire Drills

Montreal Canadiens center Alex Galchenyuk is a young upcoming star in the NHL. Drafted third overall in the 2012 NHL Draft, the 22-yar-old, after four...

By: Rob Scott

3 Long Jump Drills That Will Increase Your Distance

Like all field events in track and field, the long jump is incredibly technical. Sure, the pros make it look easy, but when you break down each phase of...

By: Jennifer Britton

Watch Terrelle Pryor Catch Passes While Balancing With One Leg on a BOSU Ball

Headed into his second training camp with the Cleveland Browns, Terrelle Pryor is hoping finally to get significant playing time as he completes the t...

By: Jordan Zirm