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How to Get Faster With Mini-Hurdle Drills

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4 Football Conditioning Drills That Work

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The 4 Fundamentals of Hitting a Baseball

The three body parts that are the keys to a great hitting technique Feet (control the balance) The feet are the foundation for the hitter. The stance...

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How NFL OT Russell Okung Develops Quick Feet

In this football training video, NFL OT Russell Okung performs a Quick Feet drill to improve his footwork and coordination.

Ndamukong Rising: The 40-Yard Dash

In this second installment tracing Ndamukong Suh's journey to the NFL, the hardworking Suh preps for the combine by tackling his 40-yard dash time with coaching by Lance Walker at the Michael Johnson Performance Center.

UCLA Women’s Soccer Fusion Agility Drill

As part of their agility training routine in the off-season, the UCLA women’s soccer team performs the Fusion Agility Drill while assistant strength and conditioning coach Craig Sowers discusses some of the key points for performing the drill.

University of Florida Volleyball 7 Cone Weave

UF strength and conditioning coach Matt DeLancey serves up a drill the Gators use to increase lateral footwork and change-of-direction ability

University of Florida Volleyball Reaction Drill

UF strength and conditioning coach Matt DeLancey provides a drill the Gators use to enhance volleyball-specific footwork, agility, and reaction time