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Duke's Prized Recruit Zion Williamson Would Already be the Second Heaviest Player in the NBA

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The 7 Biggest 'Freaks' of the 2018 College Basketball Season

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Zion Williamson Nearly Broke His Nose on the Backboard While Pulling Off the Most Vicious Block You've Ever Seen

Just touching the backboard is enough to make the average Joe happy. Zion Williamson has to be careful he doesn't break his nose on it. A 6-foot...

Duke's Frank Jackson Might be the Most Freakish Athlete in the 2017 NBA Draft

Duke's backcourt was crowded during the 2016-2017 college hoops season. With the Blue Devils already sporting a host of shooting guards in Luke Kennar...

Duke's Luke Kennard Is Out To Prove He Can Be an NBA Franchise Player

Luke Kennard possesses something extremely rare for a basketball player—bragging rights over LeBron James. Kennard has the second most career poi...

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