Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell exercises are one way that athletes can build muscle and develop both upper-body and lower-body power. Discover technical keys to dumbbell exercises from the most knowledgeable strength coaches around and learn how you can get faster, stronger and more athletic with our library of STACK content.

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These Three 20-Minute Workouts Will Get You Fit Fast

Everyone is busy, I get it. Some days you have so much going on you may only have time for a short workout, if this is you I've got you covered! Here...

By: John Papp

This Small Exercise Tweak Will Build Muscle

When it comes to following a long term training program, many people have a short attention span. Workouts need to be challenging and have enough...

By: Justin Ochoa

Improve Conditioning With This Farmer's Walk Gasser Workout

It is now the spring and soon summer will be upon us with many athletes trying to gain that extra edge by implementing various dumbbell exercises. The...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

This 1-Mile Farmer's Walk Routine Might be the Ultimate Conditioning Workout

A conditioning complex is a series of exercises done in succession, wherein all reps of a prescribed exercise are completed before moving onto the next...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

Start Spring Workouts With These Muscle-Building Reps

Start Spring Workouts with These Muscle-Building Reps By Jim Carpentier, C.S.C.S. The start of spring signifies change, renewal, and regrowth – and it's...

By: Jim Carpentier

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Get Faster With Tyson Gay's Swinging Hammer Curls

Learn how the Dumbbell Swinging Hammer Curl helps American sprinter Tyson Gay improve his arm drive for the 100-meter sprint event.

Brandon Jennings DB Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press

Superstar point guard Brandon Jennings performs the Dumbbell Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press as part of his off-season training routine, with coaching by Nate Costa.

Upper-Body Football Strength With Ben Watson

NFL TE Ben Watson uses a circuit of weight room exercises to strengthen his back, which increases his ability to catch and hold onto the football.

Explosive Training With Ben Watson's Lower-Body Circuit

NFL TE Ben Watson develops strength, endurance and explosiveness with a Lower-Body Circuit that combines weights with plyometrics.

Shoulder Strength Training With Patrick Willis

For peak shoulder strength, San Francisco 49ers linebacker <a href="http://www.stack.com/patrick-willis/"><strong>Patrick Willis</strong></a> performs a superset of Dumbbell Shrugs and Front Raises in the NFL off-season.