Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell exercises are one way that athletes can build muscle and develop both upper-body and lower-body power. Discover technical keys to dumbbell exercises from the most knowledgeable strength coaches around and learn how you can get faster, stronger and more athletic with our library of STACK content.

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The Fastest Way to Build Bigger Arms

Build Bigger Arms With Less Weight & Less Time Sure, every athlete aspires to have a show stopping set of guns, but many just don't have the training...

By: John Rusin

A Powerful Chest Workout for Size and Strength

Who doesn't love chest day? Walking away from the gym feeling bigger and stronger than you did before just makes you feel accomplished. What people...

By: Dylan Spadaccini

This Lunge Variation Will Torch Your Glutes and Quads

I'm sure you've done a Forward Lunge, and there's a good chance you've done a Reverse Lunge. But have you ever combined the two moves into one exerc...

By: Andy Haley

Can You Handle the 625-Rep Dumbbell Challenge?

Think dumbbell exercises are boring? Think again. This past weekend I went back to the drawing board and jotted down all of the dumbbell exercises that...

By: Ben Boudro

Try These Rep Schemes for Big Results

The more you train, the better you'll become at adapting to your workouts. In order to avoid complacency, plateaus and overall boredom, you need to add...

By: Justin Ochoa

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Get Faster With Tyson Gay's Swinging Hammer Curls

Learn how the Dumbbell Swinging Hammer Curl helps American sprinter Tyson Gay improve his arm drive for the 100-meter sprint event.

Brandon Jennings DB Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press

Superstar point guard Brandon Jennings performs the Dumbbell Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press as part of his off-season training routine, with coaching by Nate Costa.

Upper-Body Football Strength With Ben Watson

NFL TE Ben Watson uses a circuit of weight room exercises to strengthen his back, which increases his ability to catch and hold onto the football.

Explosive Training With Ben Watson's Lower-Body Circuit

NFL TE Ben Watson develops strength, endurance and explosiveness with a Lower-Body Circuit that combines weights with plyometrics.

Shoulder Strength Training With Patrick Willis

For peak shoulder strength, San Francisco 49ers linebacker <a href="http://www.stack.com/patrick-willis/"><strong>Patrick Willis</strong></a> performs a superset of Dumbbell Shrugs and Front Raises in the NFL off-season.