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Auburn DT Montravius Adams Could Be The NFL's Next Dwight Freeney

It's a rare rainy morning in Santa Ana, California, but the competition inside Proactive Sports Performance is heating up. Owner Ryan Capretta is s...

By: Brandon Hall

Dwight Freeney's Ultimate Move: Whatever It Takes

All-Pro defensive end and 2005 AFC Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Freeney is best known for his lethal spin move, but he says it doesn't matter ...

By: Josh Staph

Training for Explosion

Successful athletes are often defined by their explosive power—the ability to generate as much force in as little time as possible. That's what al...

By: Andy Haley

Dwight Freeney's NFL Off-Season Training

A defensive end's pass rushing responsibility is to get to the quarterback as quickly as possible. Sounds easy, right? Now insert an athletic 320-poun...

By: STACK Staff

Dwight Freeney's NFL Off-Season Power & Strength Workout

An exclusive look at an intense off-season power and strength workout for football players.  "Predominantly with training football, you really w...

By: STACK Staff

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It’s Time to Get Hyped For Super Bowl LI

Watch a young Matt Ryan predict his future NFL greatness and listen to other stars from the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots talk about grinding for a Super Bowl championship.

Dwight Freeney Interview: Lethal Pash Rush Moves

What is the most lethal of Dwight Freeney's pash rush moves? According to the Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl D-End, all of them.

Dwight Freeney's Powerful Chest Exercise

NFL defensive end Dwight Freeney performs an impressive chest exercise with 85 pound dumbbells in this off-season workout from Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif.

Real Workouts: Dwight Freeney

In the second installment of STACK's "Real Workouts" series, All-Pro defensive end Dwight Freeney trains alongside Syracuse assistant athletics director for athletic performance William Hicks at Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif.

Ultimate Moves: Dwight Freeney

NFL star Dwight Freeney crushes his weight room workouts so he can destroy opposition on the field with lethal pass rush moves.