Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is consistently one of the NBA's best in rebounds, blocks, field goal percentage and free throw attempts. A first-round NBA Draft pick in 2004, Howard has set numerous franchise/league records and won three division titles and one conference title during his career with the Magic. Now you can train like the star athlete as STACK bridges the gap with exclusive tips and workout routines from Howard. Learn to shoot, dribble and workout like the 2008 Slam Dunk Champion and transform your game with our content.

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Watch This Awesome Old Video of Chris Paul Dunking Over Dwight Howard

If you look at Chris Paul, the 6-foot point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers, and were asked straight up if you thought he could dunk, your a...

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The Dwight Howard Project: How D12 Rebuilt His Body for L.A.

When Dwight Howard got traded to the Lakers this past summer, the best center in basketball found an opportunity for a fresh start. Howard's divorce...

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Dwight Howard Previews the adipower Howard 3

adidas has released Dwight Howard's latest signature sneaker, the adipower Howard 3, and D12 is couldn't be more pumped about it. The shoe has a coupl...

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adidas adiPower Howard 3 Available Now in Lakers Colorway

Prior to the mega-trade of Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers, the adiPower Howard 3 had been available in two Magic col...

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What's in Dwight Howard's Bag?

adidas miCoach: "When I run, jump, sprint, Bench Press—it collects everything," says Howard. The more you know about your workouts, the more they ca...

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NBA center Dwight Howard proves to not only be a beast on the court, but in the weight room. Watch the All-Star bench press an impressive 365 pounds.

Get Footwork Like Dwight Howard

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STACK Performance Series 31: Formidable Defense With Dwight Howard

NBA superstar Dwight Howard works on his upper-body strength to be a better defender. Use his signature move, the Howard Crossover Push-Up, to build up strength for your game.

Dwight Howard at Call of Duty's Friday Night Fights

In this video, NBA superstar Dwight Howard talks about playing Call of Duty. Howard is a part of Call of Duty's Friday Night Fights, and he provides tips for playing the franchise's multiplayer mode.