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Are Herbal Tea Health Claims Legit?

Take a stroll down the herbal tea aisle, and you might swear you've stumbled upon the secret to eternal life. Nowadays, there's an herbal tea for e...

By: Brandon Hall

The Eating Strategy That Keeps 43-Year-Old Eddie George Ripped

Eddie George is ripped. The 43-year-old looks like he could still be a workhorse running back in the NFL. What's his secret? For one, Geo...

By: Brandon Hall

The Biological Reason Why You Don't See Immediate Results From a New Diet

New year, new diet. That's the program for many Americans looking to start 2017 off right and live a healthier life. However, they should not expec...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Set Realistic Nutrition Goals and Create Plans to Achieve Them

Goal setting is one of the most important things you can do to become successful. Striving for specific goals is a great way to track your progres...

By: Rob Scott

Why Health Nuts Are Freaking Out for Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut seems like an unlikely superfood. While it's often accompanied by sausages and steins of beer, sauerkraut has nutritional benefits that ...

By: Brandon Hall

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