Endurance Training

Staying strong late in competition can be the difference between finishing first and bringing up the rear. Whether you're a triathlete, team sport athlete or sprinter, STACK has the inside info on endurance training workout routines that can build your body into top flight condition. Discover tips from athletes who play lacrosse, baseball, football and many more in our deep library of articles and videos.

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This Boxing Workout Will Get You in Shape for Your Sport

There have been many advances in fitness and sports that allow athletes to improve their conditioning but sometimes going "old school" is what it takes...

By: Roger Lockridge

5-DAY PLAN: Cross Country Training With a Heart Rate Monitor

Cross country is a popular sport in the U.S., especially at the high school level, with more than 470,000 student-athletes participating nationwide,...

By: Larry Tedor

2 HIIT Workouts for End-of-Game Endurance

Performing your best late in the game can be the difference between winning and losing. It might be in the bottom of the ninth, the fourth quarter, the...

By: Ben Johnson

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trail Running

Trail Running may seem pretty simple—just step off the pavement and onto a path and technically you're doing it. But as writer Bethany Gompers p...

By: STACK Staff

How to Run Faster and Longer

**(HOW TO RUN FASTER AND LONGER)While sprinting is just one of the countless skills needed to be successful in sports, many games are won or lost by a...

By: Scott Gunter

Latest Videos in Endurance Training

Run Faster Longer With This Core-Strengthening Circuit

Elite 400m sprinter Greg Nixon performs a four-exercise circuit designed to improve his core strength and stability.

How Greg Nixon Gets More 'Twerk' on the Track

Discover the Dumbbell Trunk Twist-High Pull superset used by elite 400m sprinter Greg Nixon to keep his strides long and strong down the stretch.

Greg Nixon's Full-Body Dumbbell Circuit

Get your muscles in sync and ready to fire with this dumbbell warm-up routine performed by elite sprinter Greg Nixon.

How Greg Nixon Converts Strength to Speed

Discover the superset that helps sprinter Greg Nixon get his muscles in sync for the 400-meter run.

Greg Nixon's Hill Training Program

The elite 400m sprinter demonstrates the Hill Run routine he uses to improve his speed, conditioning and mental toughness.