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Improve Upper-Body Speed and Power With Boxing Pad Work

Where I live in the UK, I have seen a raise in the number of academy level clubs participating in boxing training and more specifically, pad work. Bad...

By: Gethin James

Optimizing Energy Transfer in Your Lacrosse Shot

While I continue to study and analyze the game of lacrosse, I have had the opportunity to identify several specific movement patterns necessary to be...

By: Adam Richmond

Ask the Experts: What's the Single Best Exercise?

Q: What's the single best exercise I can perform? A: There are so many great exercises, this question is difficult to answer. However, if I wer...

By: Andy Haley

Hockey Training for Young Athletes

When young hockey players think about off-ice training, they often want to replicate what the pros do. How do the pros train? What does Sidney Crosb...

By: Larry Jusdanis

Harness the Hidden Power of Your Core

In my first blog post, I discussed the importance of understanding the core as an energy transfer hub, and the need to behave athletically during ...

By: Chris Doherty