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New Study Finds That This Method of Exercise Helps People Work Out More Often, Have More Fun

It happens every year. In early January, gyms are flooded with couch potatoes who've vowed to finally get in shape. They exercise religiously f...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Athletes who are dedicated in the weight room don't necessarily lose weight like they want to. Often, it's because they aren't paying as much atte...

By: Steve Green

The Basics of Static Stretching

Static stretching should be an important part of your training program to prevent injuries and prepare your muscles for your workout. Static stretch...

By: Raymond Tucker

Strategies to Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Feeling those signs of a good workout? You know, muscle tightness and tingles? Technically known as delayed onset muscle soreness, it is particularl...

By: Brian Lebo

How to Ditch Cellulite

Cellulite, that annoying "cheese-like" dimpling that appears on thighs, butts, arms and abdomens, is caused by small fat protrusions in the dermis, ...

By: Chris Hitchko

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The 3 Best Lower-Body Exercises for Female Athletes

Learn how to perform the Dumbbell Goblet Squat, Physioball Leg-Curl and Single-Leg RDL for lower-body strength.

Build Power in your Glutes and Thighs with the Bulgarian Split-Squat

Build Power in your glutes and thighs with the Bulgarian Split-Squat.

How to Build Muscle With Partner Manual Resistance

Partner manual resistance is just what it sounds like—you work against a counterforce provided by a partner. Because of the limitations of working with a partner, you can’t do this on every exercise. However, here are 8 of our favorites.

How to Perform 8 Effective Deadlift Variations

if you’re going to do bicep exercises, choose moves that will crush your arms and maybe provide some performance benefits.

How to Perform the T-Drill

The T-Drill is a simple cone drill that hones your ability to generate speed over a short distance and change directions effectively.