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3 Reasons Why Softball Players Should Avoid the Bench Press

3 Reasons Why Softball Players Should Avoid Bench Pressing Unfortunately, in many college weight rooms the bench press is a tool countless strength...

By: Nancy Newell

WATCH: World Champion Gymnast Simone Biles Makes Climbing a Rope Look So Easy

World Champion gymnast Simone Biles has set her sights on Olympic gold in Rio this summer. Last August, 18-year-old Biles won the all-around title a...

By: Maddy Lucier

Ultimate Leg Exercises with Weights

Going through the motions for most people is where they find themselves on a weekly basis in their current health club. Walk in, grab a towel, sweat,...

By: Scott Abramouski

5 Great Shoulder-Toning Exercises for Women

Over the years, I have worked with many women on attaining specific goals relating to body condition and transformation. In the last decade, more and...

By: Paul James

Leg Training for Women

The long-held belief that strength training would ruin a woman's physique and build "bulky" muscles has been fading. More women now understand that ...

By: Brian Lebo