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Director Named for 'Olympus Has Fallen' Sequel

Charlie Countryman director Fredrik Bond will direct the upcoming sequel to the hit action thriller Olympus Has Fallen. In London Has Fallen, the ...

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Jason Statham to Star in Chinese Action Flick

In the midst of a Chinese promotional tour for The Expendables 3, actor Jason Statham announced that he has been seeking a film project in China for a...

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Kelsey Grammer Joins Cast of 'Expendables 3'

Kelsey Grammer has joined the cast of Expendables 3. According to Deadline, the sitcom star will perform the role originally planned for Nicolas Cag...

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'Expendables 3': Mel Gibson Uncertain, Nic Cage 'Unlikely'

On Twitter recently, Sylvester Stallone seemed to confirm that Mel Gibson will indeed appear in the upcoming Expendables 3.  But in the past, t...

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