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Fantasy Football Sleepers to Watch at Every Position

Fantasy football owners are preparing their big boards, doing mock drafts and analyzing players' stats. All of this preparation is in hopes of hav...

By: Cameron Fields

Fox Planning Fantasy Football Comedy Series

A pilot for a workplace comedy series based on the bestselling autobiographical book Fantasy Life, by ESPN analyst Matthew Berry, is being developed f...

By: SkywordNews

How to Pick a Pun-Tastic, Awesome Fantasy Football Team Name

Photo: AP Images Putting together a league, drafting a stellar team and talking smack are all important aspects of success in fantasy football. Bu...

By: Jordan Zirm

Fantasy Football Auction Drafts: A Beginner's Guide

What was once a niche version of fantasy football is heading toward the mainstream. Auction drafts, in which owners are given a set amount of money ...

By: Jordan Zirm

Fantasy Football FAQs

Yahoo Fantasy Football expert Brandon Funston answers 10 frequently asked questions as the fantasy football season gets underway. 1. Should I get m...

By: Eric Barnes