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How to Foam Roll Your Shoulders to Relieve Pain and Improve Range of Motion

Many athletes foam roll their lower bodies, but neglect the upper half. (Learn how to foam roll your upper back.) That's a missed opportunity because ...

By: Nick Tumminello

A Treatment for Tight Hip Flexors That Works Better Than Stretching

It's no secret that more and more people are actually starting to pay attention to their cranky hip flexors. Since sitting has been dubbed "the new...

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Why You Should Finish a Workout With This 3-Exercise Routine

The cooldown is probably the most underrated part of a workout. You crush your tough session with full intensity and effort, then do a five-minute s...

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Why All Athletes Should Do Soft Tissue Work

Whether you are an athlete or a coach, chances are that time from time you may skip or see someone else skip warming up. Warming up is the most critical...

By: Alex Rosencutter

What the Heck is a Bunkie? The Functional Core Strength Test You Need to Do

There are a lot of strangely named exercises out there. The Bulgarian Split Squat. The Skull Crusher. The Third World Squat. The "Bunkie" isn't as ...

By: Jordan Zirm