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Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Gained 17 Pounds of Muscle During the Winter

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard can throw the heat. Among qualified starters in the MLB, "Thor" threw the league's fastest average pitch at 97....

By: Rob Scott

3 Keys to Increase Your Pitching Velocity

Every pitcher can benefit from being able to throw the baseball with more velocity. It can really make the pitcher more valuable to the team as well as...

By: Terry Grossetti

Kevin Love Could Throw a Baseball 90 Mph as a High School Freshman

In an NBA Finals full of storylines (LeBron's revenge, the Warriors looking to put icing on the cake of a 73-win season), the tale of Warriors guard K...

By: Jordan Zirm

LOOK: Mets Catcher Blocks Noah Syndergaard's 101-Mph Heat, Gets Branded For His Efforts

Noah Syndergaard has been throwing absolute gas this season. Last night, the New York Mets fireballer held the Philadelphia Phillies to one earne...

By: Brandon Hall

WATCH: Top High School Pitching Prospect Hits 102 MPH, Puts Aroldis Chapman on Notice

When an MLB pitcher throws 100 mph, it's typically followed by gasps and applause from the crowd. Few guys can do this consistently, except for Aroldi...

By: Andy Haley

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Cat Osterman on her Pitching Arsenal

U.S. Olympic softball pitcher, Cat Osterman, talks about her go to picth and how she gets hitters out.