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How to Fix 3 Common Softball Pitching Mistakes

The complex motion for fastpitch softball pitching has many moving parts with many common issues and even more ideas on how to fix them. This problem...

By: Courtney Hudson

Organize Effective, Time-Efficient Softball Fielding Drills

This is an excerpt from chapter eight of the new Practice Perfect Softball (Human Kinetics, 2016), written by the National Fastpitch Coaches Associat...

By: Celeste Knierim

LOOK: The First-Ever Women's-Only Eastbay Catalog is Awesome

For more than 40 years, women's participation in sports has shot up at nearly every level. More than 3.2 million female athletes are competi...

By: STACK Staff

4 Tips for Coaching Low-Velocity Softball Pitchers

Coaches like to put pressure on a softball pitcher to throw FAST! After all, the sport is called FASTpitch softball. But not every pitcher is build to...

By: Courtney Hudson

How to Practice Softball Pitching During the Season

To prescribing a fastpitch softball pitching practice schedule, first you must identify game days and off days. The remaining softball pitching practice...

By: Courtney Hudson