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Organize Effective, Time-Efficient Softball Fielding Drills

This is an excerpt from chapter eight of the new Practice Perfect Softball (Human Kinetics, 2016), written by the National Fastpitch Coaches Associat...

By: Celeste Knierim

LOOK: The First-Ever Women's-Only Eastbay Catalog is Awesome

For more than 40 years, women's participation in sports has shot up at nearly every level. More than 3.2 million female athletes are competi...

By: STACK Staff

4 Tips for Coaching Low-Velocity Softball Pitchers

Coaches like to put pressure on a softball pitcher to throw FAST! After all, the sport is called FASTpitch softball. But not every pitcher is build to...

By: Courtney Hudson

How to Practice Softball Pitching During the Season

To prescribing a fastpitch softball pitching practice schedule, first you must identify game days and off days. The remaining softball pitching practice...

By: Courtney Hudson

Fastpitch Softball: Pitch Count Tips

You do not hear much about fastpitch softball pitching limits. The motion is believed to be low impact or a natural motion therefore does not require a...

By: Courtney Hudson