Fielding Drills

Flash some leather with our pro athlete-approved softball and baseball fielding drills, designed to supply the specific techniques that Major League baseball players use to field ground balls and make accurate throws in the infield. Learn about the importance of footwork, fielding position and proper throwing mechanics to master infield skills.

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Indoor Baseball Infield Drills to Help You Dominate

Most players live in areas that have winter weather that forces them to practice inside, and you must have quality indoor baseball infield drills to...

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Practice This Winter With Indoor Baseball Fielding Drills

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2 Drills to Improve Your Fielding Skills

Defense can make or break a team's success in the post-season. Making a spectacular play can save a run, while making an error may allow the other t...

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Baseball Fielding Drill to Improve Your Backhand

Coaches often view fielding backhand as a lazy play, or at least a lazy approach. But it can actually be a valuable skill for infielders—if they t...

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