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Why You Should Buy "FIFA 13"

With the Sept. 28 FIFA 13 release date drawing near, soccer fans everywhere have reason to celebrate. However, if you already own FIFA 12, you might...

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First Look at "FIFA 13" Updates

EA Sports has released details on new updates to FIFA 13, and the news made us excited to get our hands on the latest edition of the storied franchi...

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2011 STACK Holiday Video Game Gift Guide: Sports Games

In the first two installments of STACK's 2011 Holiday Video Game Gift Guide, we reviewed shooters and fighting games. Here, we break down the best s...

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12 FIFA 12 Achievements in 12 Minutes

The word is out on FIFA 12: this may be one of the greatest sports games ever made. Fortunately, the game's trophies are just as much fun to earn ...

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STACK Plays: FIFA 12

Ridiculous. That's the first word that comes to mind when contemplating everything EA Sports packed into its latest soccer offering, FIFA 12. Betw...

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