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3 Ways to Prevent the Most Common Hockey Injury

If you're around hockey players enough, you'll often hear them complain about lower back pain, or tightness in their hip flexors. This is often the...

By: Conor Doherty

'Show Muscles' for Strength vs. 'Go Muscles' for Performance

Essentials of Strength Training: Show Muscles vs Go Muscles To begin it is important that we look at strength and performance training and define...

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Don't Get Left Behind: 3 Keys to First-Step Quickness

Slow and steady may win the race, but coaches and scouts are looking for the hare, not the tortoise. Explosiveness is an attribute that can take e...

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How the Fire Hydrant Exercise Can Improve Your Performance

The Fire Hydrant exercise is extremely popular among those looking for a firmer butt. But just because it's a staple in most "butt lift" videos does...

By: Andy Haley

Dynamic Stretching Exercises for Your Pre-Workout

Remember gym class when your teacher told you to run a couple of laps and then stretch? That's when I first learned how to stretch, and I thought ...

By: Conor Doherty