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3 Ways Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star First Baseman Paul Goldschmidt Stays Mentally Strong

Getting out of a slump is one of the hardest things for an athlete to do. Being in a slump is not only discouraging, it's mentally exhausting. Follo...

By: Rob Scott

The Fielding Technique That Powered Paul Goldschmidt's Flawless 3-6-3 Double Play

Turning a double play is a work of art. There's nothing like two or three players being in sync, knowing exactly what they have to do to get two oppos...

By: Rob Scott

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Billy Butler on His Mental Approach and Advice

Kansas City Royals first baseman/outfielder, Billy Butler, talks about how he prepares mentally for an at-bat and offers advice to young athletes.

Todd Helton on Hitting Preparation and Advice

Colorado Rockies first baseman, Todd Helton, talks about how he gets ready for an at-bat and offers advice to young athletes.