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17 Tips to Dominate an Obstacle Race From Spartan Race World Champion Jonathan Albon

The world's best obstacle racer is not human. I was certain of this 47 seconds into a conversation with Jonathan Albon, the "man" who has demolish...

By: Josh Staph

New Hybrid Form of Yoga: More Muscle and Strength, Less Relaxation

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new hybrid form of yoga that blends calisthenics and rehabilitation techniques is gaining popularity across the United Stat...

By: Skyword

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PPT Band Ankle Exercises With Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade peforms a PPT Band Ankle Circuit with coaching by Tim Grover.

Cam Newton Lateral Sled Pulls

Two-time Pro Bowl QB Cam Newton demonstrates Lateral Sled Pulls, an exercise he has used to develop the incredible power in his lower body. Nate Costa, owner of FX Studios, provides insight into how athletes can perform the drill with proper form.

3 Easy Moves for a Strong Core

Use these three easy moves to increase your core strength.

How to Perform the Dumbbell Push Press

The Dumbbell Push Press is a great lift for full-body explosion and power. Watch this video to learn the specifics to the movement.

Get Great Glute Activation with NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler

NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler works on his glute activation to maintain proper alignment during exercise and stay injury-free.