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3 Exercises That Will Increase Your Golf Shot Accuracy

Anyone who has ever walked onto the driving range, stepped into the tee box, or approached the green knows how frustrating the game of golf can be. As...

By: Mike Sirani

Why Baseball Players Need to Combine Core and Shoulder Exercises

Observe your average high school or college weight room while the baseball team is training, and you're guaranteed to see a plethora of ab and shoulder...

By: Mike Sirani

3 Core Exercises That Help You Lift Heavier Weights

When you hear slinky SQUAT, what are a couple words that come to mind? For me it's flexibility or mobility! Which means that a slinky SQUAT spine = a...

By: Georges Dagher

If You're Like Most Athletes, You Probably Have Weak Hips. Here's What That Means and How To Fix It

Hips are one of the most ambiguous terms in athletic performance. Tight hips, loose hips, strong hips, weak hips—these phrases get tossed around rid...

By: Brandon Hall

Bulletproof Your Core With Crawling Exercises

Who would have thought that observing how babies move would lead to an exercise that has been touted as the best exercise in ever? Not only are crawling...

By: Chris Cooper