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How to Make Protein Pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes? They are a highly popular breakfast choice when athletes plan to lapse on their diet for a day. They can also make for a...

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Try These 2 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for a Health and Performance Boost

Pumpkin is everywhere, from savory soups to hot chocolate, so you're bound to come across this gourd in same way this holiday season. Are people just...

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J. J. Watt and DeMarco Murray Share Their Game-Day Fueling Secrets

J. J. Watt and DeMarco Murray have different skill sets. Watt spends his Sundays terrorizing NFL offenses while Murray spends his running away fro...

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You'll Never Believe What J. J. Watt Puts in his Pancakes

Fueling J. J. Watt is no easy task. For one, he's massive—6-foot-5, 288-pounds, to be exact. Second, his work ethic both on the field and in the...

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The Skinny Elvis: Best Muscle-Building Snack You've Never Heard Of

A healthy snack can be the difference between dragging through your workout and dominating it. But a tight schedule might not leave you much time to...

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