Football Drills

Each position in football requires a certain set of skills. Football drills work on these fundamental skill sets and can make anyone more productive on the field. STACK's deep library of content is loaded with techniques to finely tune your game.

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Build Strong Hands and Quick Reactions with Shane Vereen's 'Hot Sauce' Receiving Drill

New York Giants running back Shane Vereen is a dynamic playmaker. Although he's been an efficient runner during his career, his remarkable receivi...

By: Brandon Hall

Train Like DeAngelo Williams to Increase Your Football Speed

If you are struggling with speed or just looking to get faster, the best place to start is to establish a solid base of strength and power combined with...

By: Jeremy Boone

Dallas Cowboys' Receivers Are Wearing Bags Over Their Heads in Practice

A year ago, we wrote about the Dallas Cowboys using some curious (and arguably outdated) strength training and stretching techniques. RELATED: Is...

By: Jordan Zirm

5 Training Ideas You Should Steal From the NFL's Best

Just because it's the off-season doesn't mean the NFL's elite players aren't still getting after it in the gym or on the field. They say football ...

By: Jordan Zirm

Latest Videos in Football Drills

Offensive Line Basics: How to Get into a Two-Point and Three-Point Stance

USA Football Master Trainer Chuck Kyle shows you how to get into a two-point and three-point offensive linemen stance.

Patrick Peterson's Speed & Agility Workout

All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson demonstrates two DB-specific cone drills that enhance footwork and agility.

How Patrick Peterson Improves His Coverage Skills

Watch All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson perform the Figure-8 Speed Turn Drill.

National Guard: Cover-2 Technique

Brandon Godsey, Ohio National Guard Captain and former NFL player, demonstrates the defensive back cover-2 coverage technique.

National Guard: Defending the Fade Route

Brandon Godsey, Ohio National Guard Captain and former NFL player, demonstrates the defensive back technique for defending a fade route.