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Why Doing Your Core Training at the End of Your Workout is Not the Best Approach

If you want to rearrange your workout, organization is certainly important. You don't want to dive headfirst into heavy lifts without a warm-up, b...

By: Brandon Hall

Should Athletes Do the Hack Squat?

The Hack Squat is a popular exercise used by many weightlifters for lower body development. It is performed on a sled that allows you to squat on a...

By: Nicholas Mortensen

Free Weights vs. Machines: Which is the Better Way to Lift Weights?

Why Free Weights Are Better Than Machines By Jim Carpentier, CSCS It's tempting for athletes and non-athletes to perform an exercise on a more...

By: Jim Carpentier

The Most Overrated Piece of Equipment in the Gym

The Smith machine is a polarizing piece of exercise equipment. Some people absolutely love it—it's one of the most popular pieces of equipment in mo...

By: Andy Haley

Build Huge Biceps With High Intensity Workouts

So you want to build powerful, huge biceps? If you read various magazines you'll find many programs designed to add muscle size and power to your...

By: David Groscup