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WATCH: Connor McDavid Scores Off The Best Dangle You Will See This Season

Connor McDavid is an incredible young hockey player. This is his first year in the NHL, and he has already done some incredible things. In 14 games ...

By: Rob Scott

New App Ryktr Predicts Football Future, Lets You Battle Buddies

Who's winning? It's the most common question in sports. But a new app promises to objectively answer a much more interesting question: who is going ...

By: Brandon Hall

EA Provides First Details on 'FIFA 14'

Electronic Arts has announced plans to release FIFA 14 later this year. The highly anticipated soccer game sequel aims to provide more realistic ...

By: SkywordNews

Find Your Reason

Why are you training for sports? Personal passion? To impress a loved one? To change your lifestyle? There are plenty of valid answers to the question...

By: Skyword

'Tomb Raider' Movie Reboot Will Be 'Cohesive' With Video Game

Last week, Crystal Dynamics released the ninth installment in the Tomb Raider video game series (watch the Day 1 trailer), the first since 2008's U...

By: SkywordNews