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How Performing More Sets With Less Rest Builds Size, Strength and Power

Athletes have three goals: 1) Build muscle 2) Get stronger 3) Increase explosiveness Some athletes only want one of these things. Some want to be strong...

By: Jake Tuura

This Training Mistake Ruins Your Explosiveness

We all reach plateaus in our training. The more advanced we become, the more likely our progress is to stagnate. We think endlessly about why we're...

By: Jake Tuura

How the Military Press Benefits Athletes

As of right now, I think that most trainers and coaches tend to avoid most forms of military pressing with their athletes, primarily because they are...

By: Travis Hansen

How to Instantly Add Weight to an Athlete's Squat and Deadlift

Squat and Deadlift Teaching Cues The squat and deadlift have stood the test of time as highly effective movements for building muscular strength and...

By: Adrian Guyer

7 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Long-Term Workout Progress

There is an undeniable influx of new gym-goers at the beginning of every new year. Some of these New Year's Resolution holders are destined for years of...

By: Brian Carlson

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Strength Training Tips for High School Athletes

Dave Morgan, president of Enhanced Fitness and Performance in Cleveland, Ohio, offers training advice for high school athletes.

Mario Manningham: Making Sacrifices

New York Giants WR Mario Manningham explains why he chose to train in Cleveland and what skills he needed to improve for the NFL Combine.

Kevin Robinson Decline Pole Sit-Up

As part of his core training, Kevin Robinson performs the Decline Pole Sit-Up to strengthen the muscles in his core and explains how to perform the exercise.

Kevin Robinson Dumbbell Incline Press

BMX pro rider Kevin Robinson performs the Dumbbell Incline Press and explains how to perform the exercise properly and how it benefits his body.

Kevin Robinson Torso Rotation

BMXer Kevin Robinson performs the Torso Rotation exercise as part of his core training to achieve full flexibility and strength in the entire core region.