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Off-Season Baseball Exercises for Your Shoulders

When we think of baseball workouts, the perception that comes to mind is the usual external and internal rotational shoulder workouts, mixed in with...

By: Giovanni Grassi

The 8 Planes of Motion in Strength Training

Many athletes are looking for that perfect strength program to take their performance to the next level. Often times it is difficult to structure a...

By: Robert Pomazak

5 Exercises for Training the Rotator Cuff

One of the biggest misconceptions about training the rotator cuff is the use of bands to help improve recovery and stabilization of the cuff. In...

By: Bill Rom

2 Exercises for a Better Back Workout

trap and rhomboids Article #1 topic: Trap and Rhomboid Development Develop your back through small movements that produce big results. There is...

By: Robert Taylor

2 Exercises for Women to Improve Their Ice Hockey Performance

For hockey players who expect to reach their peak performance on the ice, year-round training is required. In the off-season, it is important to ...

By: John C. Mackersie