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Pre-Workout Snack Options for Athletes With Diabetes

The incidence of diabetes keeps increasing in the population as more and more people are diagnosed with the disease. There are two types: Type 1, in w...

By: Nick Gogel

The DIY Athlete: Homemade Sports Drinks

Whether you're in the stands or competing in the game, nothing is more satisfying than a cold sports drink to quench your thirst. Unfortunately for ...

By: SkywordNews

Best Protein Choices

Choose wisely when it comes to protein. Sources that are high in fat, like red meat, dark meat poultry and anything that's heavily processed inhibit...

By: Kristin Kirkpatrick

Promote Muscle Growth…By Eating Apples?

The old adage, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," isn't only applicable to a healthy immune system.  According to a new study from the Univers...

By: Sarah Gearhart

Pre-Activity Snacks

Instead of heading to practice on an empty stomach, pack and snack so you're fueled and ready for action. Here, sports nutritionist Amy Jamieson-Peton...

By: STACK Staff