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3 Powerful Lower-Body Lifts for Strength and Speed

3 Exercises You Need To Do To Sprint Faster Everyone who plays sports wants to sprint faster. This is obviously easier said than done but there are ways...

By: Dylan Spadaccini

Why You Need to Do More Than Squats and Deadlifts to Get Faster

Sprint speed correlates with getting stronger in the horizontal plane. Being able to move heavy weight up and down does not necessarily result in...

By: Julian Sisman

Understanding Hamstring Injuries and What You Can Do About Them

A gunshot to the leg. That's exactly what it felt like. One moment I was sprinting and the next I was laying on the ground in agony, it literally felt...

By: Ryan Obernesser

Build Hamstring Strength with These Accessory Exercises

So you know you hamstrings are important for athletic performance and general strength right? Building more hamstring strength can make all the...

By: John Papp

These Rowing Exercise Hacks Develop Superior Back Strength

Fix Your Rowing Technique, Posture, and Shoulder Mechanics with the Tabletop Protocol By Dr. Joel Seedman, Ph.D. The tabletop row is a simple yet highly...

By: Joel Seedman

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Utah Jazz Glute Ham Raise

In this basketball training video, Utah Jazz guard Morris Almond performs the Glute Ham Raise at Peak Performance Project, while Dr. Marcus Elliott, director of P3, provides instruction. Morris Almond focuses on developing strength for basketball.

Vanderbilt Baseball Glute Ham Raise

Vanderbilt baseball performs the Glute Ham Raise with coaching by head strength and conditioning coach John Sisk.