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6 Gluten-Free Snacks That Will Power Athletes

Need an easy-to-grab gluten free snack for work or your kiddo's summer day camp? Or, just need a healthy snack to keep at work? Look no further than...

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The Nutrition Bar That's Powering Elite Tennis Players

Tennis is a physically grueling sport. Each point has several explosive swings and sprints with only brief periods of recovery. And for a pro tennis...

By: Andy Haley

Bleeding For An Edge: Why a Growing Number of Pro Athletes Are Using Blood Analysis To Maximize Their Performance

Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. Yes, a well-balanced diet will always beat surviving on fast food. But the reality is two athletes ...

By: Brandon Hall

Try Banza for a High-Protein Pasta Alternative

Try Banza™for a High-Protein Pasta Alternative Chickpeas are most frequently recognized as the main ingredient in hummus, but did you know they can b

By: Esther Matus

How NY Giants Justin Pugh Went Gluten-Free—And Got Stronger Because of It

Justin Pugh is a 6-foot-4, 305-pound monster. The third-year NFL lineman has been a crucial part of the Giants' potent offense. His unique blend o...

By: Brandon Hall

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When Supplements Can Help in Your Diet

Lisa Dorfman University of Miami’s sports nutritionist, explains when to consider supplementation.