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WATCH: Tiger Woods Posts a Video of His Golf Swing to Silence Rumors of a Rehab Setback

This morning, Tiger Woods posted a simple video showing him swinging a golf club on a virtual trainer, knocking the ball right down the middle of th...

By: Brandon Hall

How Strength Training Changed Rory McIlroy's Game

Golf superstar Rory McIlroy has won four major tournament championships in the past five years, but before his rise to the top, the 25-year-old ha...

By: Maddy Lucier

Mission Athletecare and LRLRFM Present $10,000 Gold M Award to Student-Athlete Erin Bundy

Last fall, Erin Bundy was the leading medalist, setting the women's course record at Royal Hylands Golf Club (Knightstown, Ind.) with a score of 6...

By: Zac Clark

Golf Training Equipment: Technology is Changing the Game

Photo via Each year, companies come out with new golf training equipment designed to make the game easier. Innovative golf technolo...

By: Larry Seely

Practice Tip to Improve Your Driver

When you visit a driving range, the golf club you see most often is the driver. You constantly hear the ping of the balls as they smack off the face...

By: Mark Rummings