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3 Exercises That Will Increase Your Golf Shot Accuracy

Anyone who has ever walked onto the driving range, stepped into the tee box, or approached the green knows how frustrating the game of golf can be. As...

By: Mike Sirani

Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin Has the Worst Golf Swing You'll Ever See

Washington Capitals superstar winger Alex Ovechkin is one of the best scorers in the NHL, but he's not a golfer. You would think that his hockey s...

By: Rob Scott

Add Power to Your Golf Swing With 4 Sandbag Exercises

4 Sandbag Exercises to Add Distance to Your Golf Game In the golf performance training field, we often see a wide variety of clients pass through our...

By: Shawn Balow

The Brutally Thick Rough at the U.S. Open Is Making Golf Balls Disappear

The 116th U.S. Open Golf Championship might be the toughest one yet. The best players in the world have converged on Oakmont Country Club in Plum...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Increase Flexibility for Golf

I love golf. In my opinion, golf is the most mentally challenging game out there. I know what your thinking right now: "Ben's a meat head, can he even...

By: Ben Boudro