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Why You Need to Pay More Attention to Athletic Posture

What is Athletic Posture? Athletic posture is the most important functional ability in sports. It affects bio-mechanical and bio-motor ability and...

By: Lee Ness

Basketball Prehab: Exercises for 4 Trouble Spots

The Importance of Basketball Prehab The basketball season causes long-term wear and tear for the unprepared athlete... Some players spend their entire...

By: Layton Westmoreland

Why Is Poor Posture So Bad?

We've all heard that poor posture is bad for us, but few of us have taken it seriously. But good posture isn't just for girls in finishing school ba...

By: Skyword

My Training Secret to Create Softball Swagger

Rarely today do performance coaches have a training secret. Everyone learns from everyone so no one has to "reinvent the wheel." I do have a trai...

By: Michelle Diltz

Body Language and Its Role in Your Collegiate Success

Talented high school athletes are overlooked during the collegiate interview process, but why? Body language plays a major role in the success of ...

By: Jude Massillon