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Report: Amazon Gearing Up for Smartphone Release

Amazon's campaign to compete with Apple and Google won't end with its recently released streaming media player, Amazon Fire. The retail giant is r...

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Sceptre's New Sound Bar Transforms Your HDTV Into a Smart TV

Want a smart TV that lets you connect to Netflix, Pandora and YouTube, but don't want to fork over a grand or more for a new TV? Scepter's new sound...

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Nvidia Shield Fans Will Have to Wait a Little Longer

If you pre-ordered an Nvidia Shield and were hoping to have been playing with your new gadget by now, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Right befo...

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Mobiroo Introduces App Subscription Service

With more than 700,000 apps to choose from in the Google Play store, there's no way most Android owners can afford all the apps they want to try. ...

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'Angry Birds' Now Free

What's better than playing Angry Birds? Playing Angry Birds for free! In an attempt to attract new gamers, pique the interest of seasoned players ...

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