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New Gameplay Trailer Released for 'Project CARS'

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Project CARS, below. The clip commemorates Halloween and showcases impressive graphics as cars zip across...

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Last 'Gran Turismo 5' Online Event Offers Gamers 'GT6' Cars

The sun will set on Gran Turismo 5's online services later this month. To commemorate the game, developer Polyphony Digital is hosting one last on...

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Gaming Update: 'Titanfall,' 'Total War: Rome II,' 'GT5'

Last week, Microsoft addressed an error on Titanfall's website, Creative Assembly reacted to controversy about DLC for Total War: Rome II, and Sony...

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Gaming Update: 'Gran Turismo 6' Patch, 'GTA V' Cheats and 'Saints Row IV' DLC

Last week, Polyphony Digital announced a large patch coming for GT6, hype about GTA V reached a zenith, and Deep Silver released DLC for Saints Row...

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Gran Turismo Documentary Trailer Released

On Thursday, Sony announced through its official PlayStation blog that a documentary is in the works about the popular driving simulation series, Gr...

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