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Is Kombucha Actually Healthy?

Kombucha. The name alone sounds exotic, like an elixir of health from a faraway land. Indeed, it's believed that kombucha—which is defined as a b...

By: Brandon Hall

Are Herbal Tea Health Claims Legit?

Take a stroll down the herbal tea aisle, and you might swear you've stumbled upon the secret to eternal life. Nowadays, there's an herbal tea for e...

By: Brandon Hall

Should I Take Creatine?

Creatine has been a vital part of my training arsenal for years. It can provide a huge advantage with minimal side effects. A natural amino acid mo...

By: Eric Bach

Why Every Athlete Should Drink Tea

Quick, what's the most popular drink in the world behind water? Coffee? Juice? Milk? Soda? Nope—it's tea. Tea is the second most consumed ...

By: Brandon Hall

What to Eat to Stay on the Field this Football Season

Diet for Teenage Football Players: Healing and Maintaining Muscle Foods/Beverages Throughout the Season By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Attention teenage...

By: Jim Carpentier