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2 U.S. Rugby Stars Detail Their Preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games

Photo Credit: Jack McGaw for USA Sevens Rugby After a 92-year hiatus, rugby is returning to the Olympics at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Games...

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What to Pick and Pass On at Fast Food Restaurants

Now that sport seasons are starting athletes will be playing games not only at home, but away as well. Playing at away games means having to eat your...

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5 Simple Food Swaps That Make Eating Out Healthier

When you're at home, eating right isn't too difficult. Hopefully, you've got a plethora of choices in your fridge or pantry so you can mix and mat...

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'Tis the 'Seasoning' for a Beating: Johny Hendricks's New Diet for UFC 185

Johny Hendricks will look a little less diesel when he steps into the Octagon this Saturday to face Matt Brown at UFC 185. That's because "Big Ri...

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The Healthiest (And Unhealthiest) Ways to Eat Chicken

Chicken is a staple of nearly every athlete's diet. It's high in protein, affordable and simple to prepare. Those are some of the reasons why chic...

By: Brandon Hall

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