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Why Doing Cardio After Your Lift Could Sabotage Your Strength Gains

Athletes want to be the Jack of all trades—conditioned, strong, fast and muscular. The problem is, it's tough to gain muscle and get in good cardiov...

By: Jake Tuura

Recover From Injuries Faster With Blood Flow Restriction Training

Ever wonder if there is a way to improve strength and muscle size, all while recovering from an injury? Enter blood flow restriction training (BFR)....

By: Dr. Russ Manalastas

How Kentucky Basketball Players Stay Healthy During the Season

All off season athletes are put through rigorous training sessions, from lifting big heavy weights to running at high end speeds over and over for long...

By: Robert Harris

How Food Affects Your Muscle-Building Hormones

Building muscle takes the proper balance between optimizing hormone function, quality thought out training and a diet aimed at supporting both, aka the...

By: Mike Willey

Time Your Recovery to Build Muscle

Have you ever tried to build muscle and got into a heated argument with a local gym rat about the best approach? If so, you're not alone. There...

By: Nick Tumminello

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How Alcohol Can Impact Your Growth

Intensified dehydration and delayed recovery are among the outcomes of drinking at a young age. Sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci explains additional destructive effects of alcohol consumption.