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Navigate Obstacles to Stay in Charge of Your Recruiting Journey

The recruiting process can feel like choppy water at times. Many different things come up, die down, come up again, and on and on. It's not a s...

By: NCSA Athletic Recruiting

AMC Orders 'Walking Dead' Prequel

A prequel to the popular AMC series The Walking Dead is in the works, and the cable network has already ordered two full seasons. The plot of the show...

By: SkywordNews


Strong standardized test scores might seem like the golden ticket to college admission. However, student-athletes are more likely to be academically d...

By: Zac Clark

Year-By-Year Academic Requirements

Falling one-tenth of a grade point short of college requirements? Missing the final ACT test date? Forgetting to register with the NCAA Eligibility ...

By: Zac Clark

NCAA Initial Eligibility Center

Sports may be number one in your mind, but there's a reason student comes before athlete in student-athlete. If you don't give academics top priority ...

By: Zac Clark