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How Fast Food Affects Your Athletic Performance

Most people know that fast food is not a healthy choice but continue to buy it because of its convenience and relatively low price. But if you're an...

By: Rob Scott

'Blind Side' Director in Talks to Direct Film About McDonald's

The rise of fast food giant McDonald's will soon be chronicled on the big screen, in a feature film titled The Founder. John Lee Hancock, one of Holly...

By: SkywordNews

Load Up on These Foods at Your Backyard Barbecue

Summer is backyard barbecue time, so STACK teamed up with Nancy Clark, MS, RD, to identify athlete-friendly foods you can load up on at your summer c...

By: Sam DeHority

A Recipe for Healthy Turkey Burgers

Photo: Azestybite Turkey burgers can be a healthy alternative to all beef patties, packed with lean fat, protein, and nutrients. The problem is most...

By: Andrew Meyers

The Concession Stand Food Survival Guide

The concession stand food at the ballpark can be a brutal place to find healthy balanced food. This guide is designed for the athlete or parent that is...

By: Brian Smith

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