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How Fast Food Affects Your Athletic Performance

Most people know that fast food is not a healthy choice but continue to buy it because of its convenience and relatively low price. But if you're an...

'Blind Side' Director in Talks to Direct Film About McDonald's

The rise of fast food giant McDonald's will soon be chronicled on the big screen, in a feature film titled The Founder. John Lee Hancock, one of Holly...

Load Up on These Foods at Your Backyard Barbecue

Summer is backyard barbecue time, so STACK teamed up with Nancy Clark, MS, RD, to identify athlete-friendly foods you can load up on at your summer c...

A Recipe for Healthy Turkey Burgers

Photo: Azestybite Turkey burgers can be a healthy alternative to all beef patties, packed with lean fat, protein, and nutrients. The problem is most...

The Concession Stand Food Survival Guide

The concession stand food at the ballpark can be a brutal place to find healthy balanced food. This guide is designed for the athlete or parent that is...

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