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4 Ways to Prevent Hockey Hamstring Injuries

I am a firm believer that hockey players need to become more athletic off the ice to help their progress on the ice. If you were to take two hockey...

By: Bobby Dattero

3 Good Morning Exercise Variations That Build Strong and Injury-Proof Hamstrings

The good morning exercise is a classic hamstring and lower back exercise. The hamstrings are important muscles for sprinting and jumping athletes. Those...

By: John Cissik

How J.J. Watt Keeps His Hamstrings Healthy

You're sprinting full speed and suddenly the back of your leg starts screaming in pain. You immediately know what the problem is. That damn hamstri...

By: Andy Haley

Build Strong Hamstrings to Avoid Pulls and Strains

Explosive athletes, or those that participate in sports requiring short burst sprints, like football or track, are usually the most susceptible to...

By: Chris Cooper

3 Tactics to Prevent Hamstring Pulls

Hamstring pulls are one of the most nagging injuries in sport. Millions of sport play hours have been lost due to hamstring injuries and issues, but the...

By: Joel Smith