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Eli Manning Destroys Other Giants QBs in Crazy Ball-Handling Drill

Ball security is a quarterback's No. 1 priority. That's why ball-handling drills are an important component of quarterback training. They help deve...

By: Brandon Hall

Your Eyes Could Be Killing The Effectiveness of Your Training. Here's How to Fix It

Vision. It's one of the most underrated components of athletic performance. Can you imagine a blindfolded LeBron James or Tom Brady trying to lead ...

By: Brandon Hall

Watch Odell Beckham Jr. Show Off Crazy Quickness and Reflexes With His Tennis Ball Reaction Drill

Odell Beckham Jr. makes the impossible look pedestrian. The 5-foot-11, 198-pound New York Giants receiver has unbelievable reactions, hand-eye coordin...

By: Brandon Hall

5 Pro Athletes Who Believe 'Madden' and 'NBA 2K' Made Them Better in Real Life

The stigma that once attached to video games and the people who play them is long gone. No longer are those who enjoy video games stereotyped as Dori...

By: Brandon Hall

How a Set of Flashing Lights Is Revolutionizing the Way Elite Athletes Train

The tool that's revolutionizing athletic training looks like the offspring of a Simon board. It's a series of small black disks, each capable of li...

By: Brandon Hall

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Improve Your Hand/Eye Coordination

Rett Larson of Velocity Sports Performance says improving your hand-eye coordination is in the cards. Check out these drills that will separate you from your less-coordinated opponents.

Larry Fitzgerald’s Best Athletic Attribute

Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald shares what he thinks is his strongest athletic attribute and how he works to maintain it.

U of Miami Football Tennis Ball Reaction Drill

University of Miami football strength and conditioning coach, Andreu Swasey, offers a great hip flexibility drill to build first step explosiveness and also develop hand-eye coordination