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How to Handle an Acute Injury While Training

Working out is supposed to make you stronger, healthier and feel better. But it's also an activity that can leave you vulnerable to injury. You'll be ...

By: Anna Johansson

Why Coaches, Athletic Trainers and Doctors Must Avoid Terminology That Downplays the Seriousness of a Concussion

In the athletic setting, injuries are a part of the game, there is no doubt about it. Strains, sprains, concussion, chronic overuse injuries, acute...

By: Todd Sabol

A Simple Spit Test May Revolutionize How We Diagnose Concussions

Diagnosing the severity of a concussion could soon be as simple as collecting a swab of saliva. New research from Penn State University has found t...

By: Brandon Hall

3 Ways You Can Spot a Teammate's Concussion

The clock ticks down, you release the football, and it's a perfect pass to your receiver in the end zone. In that moment, your focus is on making a...

By: Dr. Mark Calarco

STUDY: Football Practice Without Helmets Reduces Concussion Risk, Improves Tackling Ability

Playing football without a helmet sounds like a recipe for a disaster, right? The helmet offers a critical layer of protection for the fragile hea...

By: Brandon Hall

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Cory Walters on How He’s Lucky to be Alive

BMX pro Cory Walters talks about some of the injuries he’s picked up over the years. After suffering a terrible head injury that resulted in a coma, he admits he’s lucky to be alive and still healthy.

Shawn Porter Jab to Head, Jab to Body

Shawn Porter, professional middleweight boxer, performs the Jab to Head, Jab to Body drill with coaching by his father Ken Porter.