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3 Ways You Can Spot a Teammate's Concussion

The clock ticks down, you release the football, and it's a perfect pass to your receiver in the end zone. In that moment, your focus is on making a...

By: Dr. Mark Calarco

Staying Hydrated for Basketball

When you play hard on the court, your body loses fluids from sweating. You need to replenish those fluids with water or a sports drink, or you ris...

By: Gawon Hyman

Four Ways to Prevent Concussions

A concussion is a jarring of the brain caused by a blow or a fall, usually by a collision with a person or a hard surface. Concussions damage the brai...

By: Andy Haley

Hydrating in Cold Weather

Swinging for the slopes this weekend? Besides your board and goggles, make sure to grab a sports drink. "Don't be fooled into thinking that you do...

By: STACK Staff

Why athletes shouldn't drink alcohol

By Sarah Gearhart Besides causing you to wake up with a killer headache, dry mouth and upset stomach, drinking alcohol can affect your performance b...

By: STACK Staff