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4 Reasons You're Avoiding the Gym (And What to Do About It)

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3 Ways You Can Spot a Teammate's Concussion

The clock ticks down, you release the football, and it's a perfect pass to your receiver in the end zone. In that moment, your focus is on making a...

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Staying Hydrated for Basketball

When you play hard on the court, your body loses fluids from sweating. You need to replenish those fluids with water or a sports drink, or you ris...

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Concussions 101

As sports get faster and collisions get more violent, concussions have become a growing concern for athletes at all levels. To protect yourself from t...

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5 Hydration Mistakes that Could Degrade Your Performance and Impair Your Health

Hydration is crucial for athletes. Screwing up your fluid intake not only reduces your performance, it can endanger your health. When we exercis...

By: Kate Knappenberger

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Allison Maurer on the Warning Signs of Dehydration

Allison Maurer, University of Tennessee sports nutritionist, breaks down the warning signs for dehydration.